Metaverse World Land Map NFT

You will be able to purchase rare Land Plots in 12.25 Acre, 100 Acre, and 1024 Acre Land NFT Plots. Season 1 Land NFT Owners will get Diamond Tractor NFT Airdrops and Hemptopia DAO Token Airdropped as well.

Old Game Footage - Switching to Tractor Mode Farming for Larger Farming!

Milestones and Goals

Phase 1 - Metaverse Land NFT Promotion - Q4 2022

-Create Season 1 Land NFT World Metaverse Map

-Create Game Trailer

-Aerial Farming Game Development

-Create Website v2 

-Get Grant from our 1st Blockchain

-Get Seed Investment

-Launch Subscription CBD Product page v2

-Influencers Promotions to help us reach:

1. 100+ Whitelist/Newsletter Subscribers

2. 1,000 Twitter Followers

3. 1,000 Instagram Followers

4. 1,000 Tik Tok Followers

5. 500 Youtube Subscribers

6. 500 Telegram Followers

7. 500 Discord Followers

Phase 2: Land NFT Pre Sale and Minting Event - Q1 2023

-Pre-Sale/Minting Event of Metaverse World Land Map:

1. (111) 1024 acre Organic plots

2. (333) 100 Acre Organic plots

3. (777) 12.25 Acre Organic Plots,

4. 1110 total in season 1 Drop

-Season 1 Asset NFT Offering (facilities, tractors, etc.)

-Season 1 Limited Character NFT Offering

-Season 1 Ad/Billboard NFT Offering

-Land NFT Minting Event

-Get 111 Land NFT Holders

-Hemptopia DAO Token Contract Creation

-Build Community DAO Platform

-Aerial Game Beta Launch for Influencers

-Influencers Partnership to help us reach:

1. 1000 Whitelist/Newsletter Subscribers

2. 5,000 Twitter Followers

3. 5,000 Instagram Followers

4. 5,000 Tik Tok Followers

5. 1000 Youtube Subscribers

6. 1000 Telegram Followers

7. 1000 Discord Followers

Phase 3: Hemptopia Governance DAO and Token Launch - Q2 2023

-Private sale for Hemptopia DAO token

-Fair launch for Hemptopia DAO token

-Hemptopia Game Beta Version Launch for Influencers

-Register DAO and setup Voting System

-DAO Initiative Account Initial Funding

-Begin development of farm & NFT rental system

-Launch DAO Token onto 1 Exchange and 1 DEFI Exchange

-Airdrop DAO Token to Land NFT Owners

-1k Hemptopia DAO Token Holders

-777 Land NFT Holders

-Launch Hemptopia Beta Game for all Influencers

-100 character NFT Holders

-Diamond, Gold, and Silver Tractor NFT Airdrop

-DAO Initiative Account Initial Funding

-Initial Techrate Audit

-Rare Manufacturing Building NFT Airdrop

-Launch 10,000 Acre Goal Campaign to reach worldwide hemp farmers and help them market their products on a new worldwide hemp marketplace.

-Influencers Partnership to help us reach:

1. 2000 Whitelist/Newsletter Subscribers

2. 10,000 Twitter Followers

3. 10,000 Instagram Followers

4. 10,000 Tik Tok Followers

5. 2000 Youtube Subscribers

6. 2000 Telegram Followers

7. 2000 Discord Followers

Phase 4: Launch Game to Public - Q3 2023

-Launch game to public, including free-to-play version

on iPhone, android, and browser

-Implement play-to-earn airdrop system

-Launch Land, tractor equipment,

and building NFT Rental System

-Get DAO Token on 3 Centralized Exchanges

-Start Creating Mini-Game Battle Royal or Clash of Clans type of tournament game for further addictiveness

-Launch International Marketing Campaign

-5k Hemptopia DAO Token Holders

-1110 Season 1 Land NFT Holders (SOLD OUT GOAL)

-333 Character NFT Holders

-10 CO-OP Members Signed up with a total of 1000 acres of land they farm

-Launch Hemp Marketplace for CO-OP Members

-Influencers Partnership to help us reach:

1. 5000 Whitelist/Newsletter Subscribers

2. 20,000 Twitter Followers

3. 20,000 Instagram Followers

4. 20,000 Tik Tok Followers

5. 4000 Youtube Subscribers

6. 5000 Telegram Followers

7. 5000 Discord Followers

Whitelist here:

Free NFTs and DAO Tokens Airdrops to early whitelisters.