Metaverse World Land Map NFT

You will be able to purchase rare Land Plots in 12.25 Acre, 100 Acre, and 1024 Acre Land NFT Plots. Season 1 Land NFT Owners will get Diamond Tractor NFT Airdrops and Hemptopia DAO Token Airdropped as well.

Old Game Footage - Switching to Tractor Mode Farming for Larger Farming!

Milestones and Goals

Phase 1 - Metaverse Land NFT Promotion - Q4 2022

-Create Season 1 Land NFT World Metaverse Map

-Create Game Trailer

-Aerial Farming Game Development

-Create Website v2 

-Get Grant from our 1st Blockchain

-Get Seed Investment

-Launch Subscription CBD Product page v2

-Influencers Promotions to help us reach:

1. 100+ Whitelist/Newsletter Subscribers

2. 1,000 Twitter Followers

3. 1,000 Instagram Followers

4. 1,000 Tik Tok Followers

5. 500 Youtube Subscribers

6. 500 Telegram Followers

7. 500 Discord Followers

Phase 2: Land NFT Pre Sale and Minting Event - Q1 2023

-Pre-Sale/Minting Event of Metaverse World Land Map:

1. (111) 1024 acre Organic plots

2. (333) 100 Acre Organic plots

3. (777) 12.25 Acre Organic Plots,

4. 1110 total in season 1 Drop

-Season 1 Asset NFT Offering (facilities, tractors, etc.)

-Season 1 Limited Character NFT Offering

-Season 1 Ad/Billboard NFT Offering

-Land NFT Minting Event

-Get 111 Land NFT Holders

-Hemptopia DAO Token Contract Creation

-Build Community DAO Platform

-Aerial Game Beta Launch for Influencers

-Influencers Partnership to help us reach:

1. 1000 Whitelist/Newsletter Subscribers

2. 5,000 Twitter Followers

3. 5,000 Instagram Followers

4. 5,000 Tik Tok Followers

5. 1000 Youtube Subscribers

6. 1000 Telegram Followers

7. 1000 Discord Followers

Phase 3: Hemptopia Governance DAO and Token Launch - Q2 2023

-Private sale for Hemptopia DAO token

-Fair launch for Hemptopia DAO token

-Hemptopia Game Beta Version Launch for Influencers

-Register DAO and setup Voting System

-DAO Initiative Account Initial Funding

-Begin development of farm & NFT rental system

-Launch DAO Token onto 1 Exchange and 1 DEFI Exchange

-Airdrop DAO Token to Land NFT Owners

-1k Hemptopia DAO Token Holders

-777 Land NFT Holders

-Launch Hemptopia Beta Game for all Influencers

-100 character NFT Holders

-Diamond, Gold, and Silver Tractor NFT Airdrop

-DAO Initiative Account Initial Funding

-Initial Techrate Audit

-Rare Manufacturing Building NFT Airdrop

-Launch 10,000 Acre Goal Campaign to reach worldwide hemp farmers and help them market their products on a new worldwide hemp marketplace.

-Influencers Partnership to help us reach:

1. 2000 Whitelist/Newsletter Subscribers

2. 10,000 Twitter Followers

3. 10,000 Instagram Followers

4. 10,000 Tik Tok Followers

5. 2000 Youtube Subscribers

6. 2000 Telegram Followers

7. 2000 Discord Followers

Phase 4: Launch Game to Public - Q3 2023

-Launch game to public, including free-to-play version

on iPhone, android, and browser

-Implement play-to-earn airdrop system

-Launch Land, tractor equipment,

and building NFT Rental System

-Get DAO Token on 3 Centralized Exchanges

-Start Creating Mini-Game Battle Royal or Clash of Clans type of tournament game for further addictiveness

-Launch International Marketing Campaign

-5k Hemptopia DAO Token Holders

-1110 Season 1 Land NFT Holders (SOLD OUT GOAL)

-333 Character NFT Holders

-10 CO-OP Members Signed up with a total of 1000 acres of land they farm

-Launch Hemp Marketplace for CO-OP Members

-Influencers Partnership to help us reach:

1. 5000 Whitelist/Newsletter Subscribers

2. 20,000 Twitter Followers

3. 20,000 Instagram Followers

4. 20,000 Tik Tok Followers

5. 4000 Youtube Subscribers

6. 5000 Telegram Followers

7. 5000 Discord Followers

World Land NFT Map

Purchase your 12.25 Acre Organic Plot, 100 Acre Organic Plot, 1024 Acre Organic Plot on our world map! Purchase land in the country you live or in any country you want! 

To start we want (111) 1024 acre Organic plots, (333) 100 Acre Organic plots, (777) 12.25 Acre Organic Plots, 1110 total in season 1 Drop

Leave room to add more plots in the future with a goal of getting to 3330 total plot NFT (mix of 1024 Acre, 100 Acre, 12.25 Acre + 7770

total Rentable Plot NFTS (mix of 1024 Acre, 100 Acre, and 12.25 Acre). A grand total of 11,100 Plots that can be purchased or rented.